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Acappella song collections for World Favorite songs and Japanese traditional or classic songs with a male wide range voice (bass-male soprano)

Music files: MP3 for media players Flac for high resolution audio (192kHz 24bits)
CD collection, #8 German songs has been published


 Chorus with Orchestra Die Schöne Müllerin   Christmas Carols (English)
World favorite songs #3  World favorite songs #4  World favorite songs #6
 World favorite songs #7  World favorite songs #8 (German) Japanese Traditions (#9) 
 Russian folks (#10)    

New arrivals

Japanese Title Title MP3 HiRes  Date Added
 Natsu wa kinu  Summer comes!  MP3  iRes  2018/6/15
 Der Lindenbaum (Full german)  MP3, HiRes  2017/8/30
 Tomoshibi  Огонёк MP3 HiRes  2017/4/26
 Haru no Ogawa Spring Ditch MP3 HiRes 2017/4/18
   Flow gently sweet Afton  MP3  HiRes  2017/4/16
  Katyusha; Катюша MP3 HiRes 2017/3/20
Степан Тимофеевич Разин(Stenka Razin)
MP3  HiRes 2017/3/18
  Early Spring yet Winter (bass to male soprano in a single sequence)  MP3 HiRes   2017/1/29
   Early Spring yet Winter (Male soprano)  MP3 HiRes   2017/1/10
   Des Baches Wiegenlied  MP3  HiRes  2017/1/9
  Eearly spring yet winter-Male Soprano- MP3   HiRes   2017/1/9
   Des Baches Wiegenlied  MP3  HiRes  2017/1/9
 Der Müller und der Bäch  MP3  HiRes  2016/12/15
 Home, Sweet Home  MP3  HiRes  2016/11/23
 Dreaming of Home and Mother  MP3  HiRes  2016-10-30
Ryoshu(2016 autumn editiion)  Dreaming of Home and Mother  MP3  HiRes  2016-10-30
Old Dog Tray  Old Dog Tray  MP3 HiRes   2016-9-19
 Chijimeru Hana  Trockne Blumen  MP3 HiRes   2016-9-12
Kokyo wo hanareru Uta Der letzte Abend  MP3 HiRes   2016-730
Nikushiki Iro  Die Böse Farbe  MP3  HiRes  2016-7-27
Yamakoso Waga Ie  Der Winter, der ist mer net z'wider  MP3  HiRes  2016-7-9
Itoshiki Iro  Die liebe Farbe    MP3  HiRes  2016/5/30
Netami to Hokori  Eifersucht und Stolz  MP3 HiRes  2016/05/05
Kojyo no Tuki (original tone) Koujyou-no-tuki   MP3 HiRes  2016/03/09 
 Oborozuki Yo verse 1 for 2016 spring  Oboroduki-yo for March  MP3  HiRes  2016/03/07
A Windy Winter day (D-major) Male Soprano voice vrs.1    MP3  HiRes  2016/01/11
By the Lake Bikal (A-Major:Lowest voice) vrs.1-3  The Baikal  MP3  HiRes  2016/01/11
By the Lake Bikal (B-Major: Medium Low voice) vrs. 1-3  The Baikal  MP3   FiRes  2016/01/11
By the Lake Bikal (C-Major: common voice) verse 1  The Baikal  MP3   FiRes  2016/01/11
Hakone Hchiri (C-Major: common voice) vrs. 1-2  Hakone Hachiri  Mp3  iRes  2016/01/11

- CD-Collections -

Contents of CD collections (total 120 music: some in German and English as noted)

1. Chorus with Orchestra

Song of Forest (Shostakovic) composed by Shostakovich  Conducted by Shinichi Ibuki, Kyoto symphony Orchestra  1979 6 13 in Kyoto

Symphony #9 (Beethoven) Conducted by Yuzo Toyama, Osaka philharmonic orchestra 1979 12 10 in Kyoto

2. Christmas Carols (4 songs in English)Zip 7.5MB  (CD list with the cover)

1. Hark the Herald!  2. Joy to the World! 3. O' Come, All Ye Faithful! 4. Silent Night, Holy Night (verses 1-3)

3. World favorite songs 3R10M2 (33 musics 2010-2012 (Zip 73.2MB)

  <:de ">
  Title   Origin  Composer  MP3 HiRes 
 1 Wohin?   Die Schöne Müllerin No. 2  F. Schubert MP3  HiRes
 2 Ouvre tes yeux bleus    J. Massenet MP3  HiRes
 3 Early spring yet winter    Nakata Akira  P3  HiRes
4  Songs of seaside lylics    <:de ">Tamezo
MP3  HiRes
5  Do not stand and weep at my grave  Mary Elizabeth Frye original verse USA  Mitsuru Arai  P3  HiRes
 6  In the midst of spring by the river Sumida    Rentaro Taki MP3  HiRes
 7  Moon over an old castle    Rentaro Taki MP3  HiRes
 8  Evrything is hazy in spring field    Sadacih Okano MP3  HiRes
 9  Nostalgia to home offshore    Toraji Oonaka MP3  HiRes
 10  Oh, my home town, I will be back some day    Sadaichi Okano MP3  HiRes
 11  Summer comes!    Sakunosuke Koyam MP3  HiRes
 12  Elegy in sailing in the Lake Biwa    <:de ">Chiaki Yoshida MP3  HiRes
 13 Memory of summer in Alpine Oze    Yoshinao Nakata  P3  HiRes
 14  Dreaming of home and mother    John P. Ordway MP3  HiRes
 15  Oh my darling, Clementine    Percy Montrose MP3  HiRes
 16  My dear old sunny home    WS. Hays MP3  HiRes
 17  Freut euch das Lebens  German folk  Hans Georg Nageli MP3  HiRes
 18  'O Sole mio!  <:de "><:de ">Canzone  E. di. Capua MP3  HiRes
 19  Santa Lucia  <:de ">Canzone  T. Cottrau MP3  HiRes
 20  Torna a Surriento  <:de ">Canzone  Ernesto De Curtis MP3  HiRes
 21  Questa o quella (Rigoletto)  Rigoletto  <:de ">Giuseppe FF. Verdi MP3  HiRes
 22  Der Winter, der ist mer net z'wider  German folk   MP3  HiRes
 23  Standchen    F. Schubert MP3  HiRes
 24  So halt ich doch die gonzge,    J. Brahms MP3  HiRes
 25  Der letzte Abend  German folk  J. Brahms MP3  HiRes
 26  Lorelei    <:de ">F.Silcher MP3  HiRes
 27  Flow Gently Sweet Afton  <:de "><:de ">Scotch folk  <:de ">Je. Spilman, MP3  HiRes
 28  Believe me  Irish Air   MP3  HiRes
 29  Home Sweet Home    <:de ">H. bishop MP3  HiRes
 30  Aura Lee    <:de ">George R. Poulton MP3  HiRes
 31  Auld Lang Syne  <:de ">Scotch Forlk   MP3  HiRes
 32  Mollie Darling    WS. Hays MP3  HiRes
 33  Sandmännchen <:de "> Lied <:de ">Brahms   MP3  HiRes

4. Collection 4 rev04 Zip 125MB From the Brahms Collection II and others

1  Auf dem See   2. Regenlied 3. Nachklang 4. Meine liebe ist grün<:de ">
5. Minnelied 6. Vergebliches Stundchen 7. Auf dem Schiffe
8. Auf dem Kirchhofe

11. Adelaide (Ludwig van Beethoven)
10. Beatiful Dreamer 11 The last Rose of Summer (Irish Air)
12 Sweetly She Sleeps, My Alice (SC. Foster) 13. Lucivan (Pucchini)
14. Mollie Darling        15. Der Winter, der ist mir net z'wider (German folk)
16. Voi che Sapete (LeNozze di Figaro: W.A. Morzart)
17. Die Forelle (F Schubert)in Japanese 18. Die Forelle (F. Schubert) in German
19. Der Lindenbaum (F. Schubert) 20. Heidenroslein 21. An den Mond
22. Sandmännchen (German Lied by Brams)       23. Auld Lang syne
24. Dreaming of Home and Mother (John P.Ordway)     25. Everything is hazy in Spring Fields (SadaichiOkano)
26. Cherry Blossoms by the reiver Sumida (Rentaro Taki)

5.Collection 5 Die Schöne Müllerin (20 complete: F. Schubert Zip 57MB

  Titles  曲目 File types 
# Original  MP3  HiRes
 1 Das_Wandern   MP3  HiRes
 2  Wohin?  MP3  HiRes
 3  Halt!  MP3  HiRes
 4  Danksagung an den Bach  MP3  HiRes
 5  Am Feierabend  MP3  HiRes
 6  Der Neugierige  MP3  HiRes
 7  Ungeduld  MP3  HiRes
 8  Morgengruss  MP3  HiRes
9  Das Müllers Blumen  MP3 HiRes
10  Tränenregen  MP3  HiRes
11  Mein!  MP3  HiRes
 12  Pause  MP3  HiRes
 13  Mit Dem Grünen Lautenband  MP3  HiRes
 14  Der Jäger    MP3  HiRes
 15  Eifersucht und Stolz  MP3  HiRes
 16  Die liebe Farbe  MP3  HiRes
 17  Die böse Farbe  MP3  HiRes
 18  Trochne Blumen        MP3  HiRes
 19  Der Müller und der Bäch  MP3  HiRes
 20  Des Baches Wiegenlied  MP3  HiRes

6. Collection 6 (13 musics)Zip file 34Mb

1. Gute Nacht F. Schubert In German)
2. Froh, wie seine sonnen A Tonor solo march in Synphony #9 Chapter 4 (In German)
3.Geburtstag (Happy Birthday!)<: "";; '>(In German)
4. Early Spring, Yet Winter Yoshinao Nakata
5. Cherry blossoms by the river Sumida Rentaro Taki
6. Sakura,Sakura (Cherry blossoms magnificient!) Japanese old verse
7. The National Anthem, Kimigayo Japanese old verse
8. War ended The first Chapter, Songs of Forest, Shostakovic, Bus-Tenor Solo
9. A Dream of Forest The 6th Chapter Songs of Forest, Shostakovic Tenor Sole
10. Sea shore lylics Japanese folk, Tamezo Nrita
11. An unknown song
12. Stars in the night
13 Another unknown song for wide range practice

7. Collection 7   Zip file 23Mb

1. Moldau    Czec Folk        Smetana
2. From the New World
3. Tr:änenregen F. Schubert
4. Mein! Die schone Mullerin #11 F.Shubert
5. War Ended The first Chapter, Songs of Forest, Shostakovic, Bus-Tenor Solo connected
6. A Dream of ForestThe 6th Chapter Songs of Forest, Shostakovic Tenor Sole
7.  Freedom of the Earth    The 7th Chapter, Songs of Forest Shostakovic Bus-Tenor Sole connected
8. The sea    A school song Composer unknown
9. For my loverNew

Collection 8 (8 music in German)10:49 Zip-CD:008_R00.zip

   German Titles   Composer  MP3 HiRes 
 1  Gute Nacht!  Der Winterreise Schubert   MP3 HiRes
 2  Freude and Seine Sonnen Symphony No 9   Beethoven  MP3 HiRes 
 3  Froh, Froh, wie Seine Sonnen  Symphony No 9   Beethoven  MP3 HiRes 
 4  Guter Mond Du Gehst so Stile    German Folk  MP3 HiRes 
 5  Die Heider Röslein    Schubert  MP3 HiRes 
 6  Die Forelle    Schubert  MP3 HiRes
 7  Der Linden Baum    Schubert  MP3 HiRes
 8  Ein Geburtstagsständchen für Dich    German folk  MP3 HiRes 


1. The 4th through 7th verses of Guter Mond Du gehst so still has been released, and now comleted the entire verses 1 through 7.  (Mood was made somehow different between files A and B) Guter Mond, du gehst so stile in Germann (German folk); File A 1 through 3File B 4 through 7 (completed)

2. Hotaruno hikari (Auld lang syne) 1-4 (with the complete formal verses)
3. Hotaruno-hikari-(Auld lang syne)5
Hotaruno-hikari-(Auld lang syne) 6


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