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Music files: MP3 otherwise noted (generally at 320 kbps) (Zip for a collective download to your computer)   Some provided the high resolution files as flac (192kHz 24 bits).   113 pieces of music

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Japanese Title Title MP3 HiRes  Date Added
 Tomoshibi  Огонёк MP3 HiRes  2017/4/26
 Haru no Ogawa Spring Ditch MP3 HiRes 2017/4/18
   Flow gently sweet Afton  MP3  HiRes  2017/4/16
 Troica  Тро йка, Вот мчится тройка почтовая  MP3 HiRes  2017/4/15
 Hanyuu no Yado (Spring) Home Sweet Home (Spring)  MP3 HiRes 2017/3/30
 Soshunfu counter bass  Early Spring yet Winter (counter bass Bb-major low)  MP3  HiRes  2017/3/30
  Katyusha; Катюша MP3 HiRes 2017/3/20
Степан Тимофеевич Разин(Stenka Razin)
 MP3  HiRes 2017/3/18
   Early Spring yet Winter (bass to male soprano in a single sequence)  MP3 HiRes   2017/1/29
 早春賦(男性ソプラノ編)  Early Spring yet Winter (Male soprano)  MP3 HiRes   2017/1/10
 小川の子守唄  Des Baches Wiegenlied  MP3  HiRes  2017/1/9
 水車場の男と小川 (暫定版)  Der Müller und der Bäch  MP3  HiRes  2016/12/15
 埴生の宿-秋 G-major  Home, Sweet Home  MP3  HiRes  2016/11/23
 旅愁(2016年秋版)  Dreaming of Home and Mother  MP3  HiRes  2016-10-30
 老犬トレイ  Old Dog Tray  MP3 HiRes   2016-9-19
 Trockne Blumen  MP3 HiRes   2016-9-12
 Kokyo wo hanaruru Uta  Der letzte Abend  MP3 HiRes   2016-730
 にくしき色(Test version更新)  Die Böse Farbe  MP3  HiRes  2016-7-27
Yamakoso Waga IE  Der Winter, der ist mer net z'wider  MP3  HiRes  2016-7-9
 Die liebe Farbe    MP3  HiRes  2016/5/30
   Eifersucht und Stolz  MP3 HiRes  2016/05/05
 Koujyou-no-tuki full verses Koujyou-no-tuki   MP3 HiRes  2016/03/09 
Oboro-dukiyo verse1 for March  Oboroduki-yo for March  MP3  HiRes  2016/03/07
 Windy-Winter day by Male Soprano    MP3  HiRes  2016/01/11
Baikaruko-no-Hotori(A-Major with a low voice)  The Baikal  MP3  HiRes  2016/01/11
Baikaruko-no-Hotori(B-Major)  The Baikal  MP3   FiRes  2016/01/11
 Baikaruko-no-Hotori(C-Major)  The Baikal  MP3   FiRes  2016/01/11
Hakone Hachiri (Original)   Hakone Hachiri  Mp3  iRes  2016/01/11
Yorokobino Uta+Tenor March Symph#9 Freude+Seine Sonnen MP3 HiRes 2015/12/12
Hisashiki Mukashi Long Long Ago MP3 HiRes  2015/11/23
Karyudo  Der Jäger MP3 Hires 2015/11/11
Yorokobi no Uta (Symph 9)  Freude schöner Götter funken! (Song in German) MP3 HiRes 2015/11/3
 Ho-to-to-gisu (Yamiji) Her bright simile haunts me still MP3 lHiRes 2015/11/07
 Harukana Tomo he To my daling MP3 HiRes  2015/9/4
 Hoshi no yo Stars in the Space MP3 HiRes 2015/9/16

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The 4th through 7th verses of "Guter Mond Du gehst so stille" has been released, and now comleted the entire verses 1 through 7.  (Mood was made somehow ddifferent between files A and B)
<:de ">Guter Mond, du gehst so stile in Germann (German folk); <:de ">File A 1 through 3<:de "> File B  4 through 7  
9/4/2015 Stars in the space with insects 9/15 /2015

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