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Forest Geyser
Introduction to the wide ranging vocalize method
Sehnsucht nach dem Frulings
Believe Me
Realtime soundspectra in singing (Sailing on the Lake Biwa Sehnsucht  Hana Believe me  Freut euch des Lebens:Low voice)

 Der Lindenbaum 菩提樹 Full GermanDer Lindenbaum (in German) MP3p3,HiRes)Auf dem See  Spring Ditch  Flow Gently Afton Cherry blosom by the river Sumida Home Sweet Home in Spring  モーツァルト風の早春賦Soshunnfu:Morzart soundHiRes)

Somer comes! hr

Russian Folk:Stenka Razin(Bass); Katyusha -New

Soshunfu  Early spring yet winterEearly spring yet winter-Male Soprano- Counter bass Bb-maj

Eearly spring yet winter -Bass/Tenor/Sprano Relaye
Beethoven symph9 Freude+Wie seine Sonnnen in GermanBeethoven Symph No9 Oh, Freinde, Freude!
 Die schöne MüllerinDie schöne Müllerin in inJapanese verses
Gute Nacht!
Der Winter, der ist mer net z'wideracht   

World favarite Songs-New ArrivalsWorld Favorite Songs-New Arrivals
Moon in hazy sky in spring all verses
Windy winter-male soprano The Lake Baikal-male bass
Moon over a old castle (original  arranged) Early spring yet winterEarly spring yet winterHanaCherry Blosom

Bush warbler and cecadas in the forest in Summer
Singing insects in Autumn, today

An autumn songdeer iscream n the forest
World favorite songs  Musig from the hell   A break in forest   Mein!
Songs of forest  Whoin?  Tranenregen

Photo gallery    Symphony and Orchestra

New Arrivals MP3 HiRes  Date Added
Spring Ditch MP3 HiRes 2017/4/18
 Flow gently sweet Afton MP3 HiRes  2017/4/16
Toroica, Вот мчится тройка почтовая  MP3 HiRes 2017/4/15
Home Sweet Home  MP3 HiRes 2017/3/30
 Early Spring yet Winter (counter bass Bb-major low) MP3 HiRes 2017/3/30
Katyusha; Катюша MP3 HiRes 2017/3/20
Степан Тимофеевич Разин(Stenka Razin) MP3 HiRes 2017/3/18
 Early Spring yet Winter (bass to male soprano in a single sequence)  MP3 HiRes   2017/1/29
  Early Spring yet Winter by male soprano  MP3  HiRes 2017/1/10 
Des Baches Wiegenlied  MP3  HiRes  2016/12/15
 Der Müller und der Bäch  MP3  HiRes  2016/12/15
 Home, Sweet Home  MP3  HiRes  2016/11/23
 Dreaming of Home and Mother  MP3  HiRes  2016-10-30
 Old Dog Tray  MP3 HiRes   2016-9-19
 Trockne Blumen  MP3 HiRes   2016-9-12
Der letzte Abend  MP3 HiRes   2016-730
 Die Böse Farbe  MP3  HiRes  2016-7-27
 Der Winter, der ist mer net z'wider  MP3  HiRes  2016-7-9
 Die liebe Farbe    MP3  HiRes  2016/5/30
 Eifersucht und Stolz  MP3 HiRes  2016/05/05
Koujyou-no-tuki   MP3 HiRes  2016/03/09 
 Oboroduki-yo for March  MP3  HiRes  2016/03/07
 Windy Winter (Male Soprano)  MP3  HiRes  2016/01/11
 The Baikal  MP3  HiRes  2016/01/11
 The Baikal  MP3   FiRes  2016/01/11
 The Baikal  MP3   FiRes  2016/01/11
 Hakone Hachiri  Mp3  iRes  2016/01/11

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