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Wellcome to the world of Hell songs! 

― Video Clips of songs from the hell ―

Over view of the Mt Yufu Geyser MVI_3415.AVI  
I found who sung the song! MVI_3417.AVI   How much temperature raised by the song(133.7C)?‐MVI_3426.AVI
 List of video clips of the hell songs and the Mt. Yufu Geyser  
MVI_3415.AVI Overvie 1  MVI_3419.AVI hell more  MVI_3423.AVI +Lamdscape form my villa-2  MVI_3427.AVI -How high the temperature is?
 MVI_3416.AVI Overview 2  MVI_3420.AVI hell more  MVI_3424.AVI -Landscape from my villa-3  MVI_3428.AVI -Some more view of the music singer-player.
 MVI_3417.AVI The hell song sung by....  MVI_3421.AVI hell more  MVI_3425.AVI -How high the temperature is?  
  MVI_3418.AVI the hell song, more  MVI_3422.AVI landscape from my villa  MVI_3426.AVI How high the temperature is?  

Songs of forest (natural noises)     Human sings as like this